About DosVidas

We have two lives: the second begins when we realize we have only one. (Confucius).

Time is a limited resource so it’s necessary to live fully, giving importance to every single moment and focusing on the “here and now”.
Enjoy every opportunity that life presents to you and create new ones.

Us, Monica and Federica, two women united by friendship and common feelings of commitment, tenacity and ambition, have thus created DosVidas, a young women’s clothing brand.

Us, who pursue our desires.
Us, who believe in our affinity.
Us, who create space for our satisfactions.
Us, who want to be ourselves, without the need to exagerate.
Us, who seize opportunities and choose to create them every day.
Us, who value the moments spent together, creating memories that accompany us in our adventure.
Us, who would like to inspire all women to take control of their lives and follow their inclinations and dreams.

Fundamental rule: take a challenge while having fun!